Keno Gaming Guide


What Is Keno?
Keno is a lot like the lottery. All you need to do is to mark numbers on your keno ticket, if you get few numbers right you win. Pretty simple right? Just like a lottery ticket, the keno ticket gives you a chance to win big prizes for a small wage. The following keno guide apply both for base-land and online casinos as well.
How To Play Keno:
Obtain one or more keno tickets.
Mark numbers with X's, write the price, the number of rounds, how much numbers you bet on the ticket..
Pay for the ticket and obtain your duplicate keno ticket.
Wait for the result of the keno race you played.
In case you win don't waste your time – go and claim your prize before the next race would begin.
Unlike in lottery in keno you can fill only few numbers - from one number up to the ticket's maximum allowed. Today, many online casinos offer keno games that allow you to mark more than ten numbers, which is the maximun amount of numbers allowed in many land based casinos. At our list of recommended online casinos you will be able to find ones that allow it.
Keno Strategies:
As far as Keno strategy goes, keno isn't the same as games like blackjack or poker. You can't bluff, and in reality the only real choices that you get are which numbers that you choose and how much you want to bet on that game. This may seem like there's not much that you can do to improve your odds, but that's really not true.
These strategies won't work for every player every time,but they area great guide for where to start with playing keno. The best thing to do is to try some, and see what works for you at the time. Some may be better then others for you and your games keep on at it!
Chasing The Pack involves playing the numbers that have come up recently. When you see numbers being drawn over and over again, you should use those numbers as they are looking to be great at that time
Chasing The Strays involves taking the numbers that haven't come up. This works because overall, each number will be drawn the same number of times, so the less often they show up now, the more often they should show up later on.
Play It Again involves playing the same numbers that you played on the last loosing game. This works on the same idea that Chasing The Strays does with numbers being more likely to be drawn if they haven't been drawn yet.
Grouping is a strategy of choosing numbers which are cloistered together on the keno card. How often do you look at the keno board and see numbers together? It's a very regular thing in keno, so taking numbers that are side-by-side on the forms, and consecutive numbers can give you a good advantage.

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